Some Amazing Facts About Israel

There are some things that I didn’t know about Israel, which I would like to mention here.
For example, in this country even the women go through a military education. This holds true for each girl, which is over 18 with very little exceptions.

So, why is that needed?

Well, simply because since this country was established after the second world war, the Palestinian fighters are trying to get back their lands. To whom this part of land belongs, I personally do not know, but what I am sure is that there even today is going a war. This war takes victims and it is not a conventional war but a guerilla one. The main weapon of the Palestinians are the terrorists attacks, and they can happen in any place any time, so each woman and boy should be prepared to act in such a situation. So if you are about to make some cheap calls to Israel in order to book a hotel room for your vacation, be aware of that fact.

However, not whole of this country is in war. Not at all. There are parts of it where the people are living a normal life and if you visit them you even won’t be able to understand that a few miles away from this place a war is going on. In this cities the life is going normal, there are young people on the streets, going on discos, bars and other establishments.

Other thing that impresses when you visit Israel is the trees and the gardens. Well, you may not consider this a big thing but I can tell you that it is. This country was created in the middle of the desert. There was nothing on this places before the people came here, so you can imagine what sort of efforts were involved in creating the oasis that we can see today. So with no worries we can call Israel a wonderland. It is one of the few places on earth where the standard of live is very high.

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