First of all, a long distance relationship or LDR, is an intimate relationship where the couple involved are separated by a significant distance. This is the basics of every LDR, and many marriages especially in the USA have either started out this way or at one point in their time together have been a considerable time apart.
The key points to maintaining such a relationship are:
Time: each person should be able to sacrifice some time dedicated for the sole purpose of talking with their partner and vise versa, spending time talking on the phone or watching the same movie together give one the feeling of being together. Getting in on the same activities also has this effect as well as other activities regardless of what kind as long as you both are interested in doing something together. Many couples (not only within the USA) from Nigeria, China, UK, Germany, Brazil and so on have an international LDR and spending time on the phone might prove expensive and discouraging when your partner in UK, China, or even when you call Bangladesh, so using cheap means like, international call providers, chat rooms, e-mails etc. will be able to give your relationship the needed time it deserves to grow.
Compassion: showing some compassion to your partner helps your relationship, as this will make them feel noticed and appreciated as well as loved. Compassion is considered to be a part of love, hence your partner will inevitably feel loved which is a great thing for every type of intimate relationship. Compassion can be as simple as asking your partner how his/her day went, or even telling them to take a rest when they sound tired.
Trust: Without trust in a relationship, a break-up is surely around the corner waiting to pounce on your relationship. Having trust in your relationship will rid it of the main problems a relationship has. Both have to be very open about their goals in life and about the relationship itself, building the trust is not a one-night ordeal, it takes time and sometimes some taking some risks especially in LDR’s.
With all these points taken to heart, an LDR can lead to a marriage.

Not everyone is meant for an LDR but making in right in such a relationship will definitely keep you happy.
It is common practice to make cheap international calls from mobile to mobile devices as you can stay in touch with your partner even while on the move, or perhaps have a walk together.
Keep your activities and the time you spend as interesting as possible and avoid talking when one of you is not in the mood or tired, as it has the potential to become a stressful ordeal.

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