Smart Ways to Take Care of Hardwood Floor

The hardwood floor needs regular maintenance. Not only before the holidays or after them but all the time. If you just miss the weekly cleaning once, you will regret it because of the great amount of dust and dirt the floor is going to collect. Do not think that the hardwood floor gathers more dust than the carpet. You just cannot see it there because it gets deeper into the fibres. But it cannot get deeper into the hardwood floor so it is there waiting for you. Check the following smart ways to deal with it.

It is important to remember that major part of the floor cleaning is the vacuuming process. It is necessary to start with it in order to remove any dust and debris that might be on the floor. And do not forget to put your slippers off before you start cleaning otherwise you may leave scratches on the flooring.

What leads to damages on the wooden floor is dirt and you can avoid them if you put door mats in front of the entries, which will reduce the amount of dirt that gets into the house. You can also place small rags here and there in the room where the traffic is bigger to protect your floor. But pay attention when buying a carpet because some of them can be harmful for the wood. And you also have to clean them regularly.

Cleaning the wooden floor is specific task. The best thing to do is to buy special wood floor cleaning detergent from the store. Do not take the risk to use solutions with unknown origin. Be very careful if you use water because it can do unrepairable damages to the floor.

In case that marks made of high heels appear on the flooring, you can handle them rubbing with a soft cloth and mild floor cleaner. The sticky ones need to be scrubbed with a damp sponge and nothing else. Remember that the sooner you clean the stain, the easier it is.

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