Smart Care for Your Cutting Board

Your cutting board is your kitchen’s altar. You sacrifice meat, vegetable and sweets in the name of a beautiful meal. This is precisely why you should keep your cutting board in a pristine condition or you may risk to anger the culinary gods and they tend to be of the unforgiving kind. This is why I’ve taken it upon myself to compile a short manual for how to take care of your cutting board.

Cleaners Beaumaris remind that the hygiene of your cutting board is important as it will determine the suitability of your cooking for consumption. Ingredients cut on a dirty cutting board are disgusting, not to mention unsanitary. What you should consider doing after every activity on the board is to scrape as much of the food bits as you can. This should be done even when you consider using the cutting board for a different food type. The cleaning technique for cutting boards is fairly simple. Use a scourer to scrub the board manually under hot tap water. Apply generous amounts of dish washing liquid to be sure that you have cleaned it thoroughly.

An occurring issue with cutting boards are stains left from juicier foods such as tomatoes and blood from raw meat. The discolouration is rather unpleasant and creates a sense of dirtiness, even though you’re completely sure that you have cleaned it. In order to restore your trust in your cutting board, wet the stains and coat them in kosher salt. Allow for the salt to remain for a complete twenty-four hours before rinsing. Once you have done that you should scrub the stains using a paste of water and kosher salt on a toothbrush. Rinse and repeat until you achieve the result you want. Be careful as stains left for too long can soak deep into the cutting board, resulting in a permanent stain that can be at best lightened.

Finally, cleaning Beaumaris teams also advise that you should store your cutting board vertically or upright as that way you prevent it from gathering moisture on its back.

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