Six Easy Steps to Clean Your Dirty Carpet

Being on ground level, your carpets are naturally exposed a myriad of pollutants and germs. I don’t only refer to the heavy traffic areas or the door matt, where all the shoes and boots gather. There are food crumbs, food stains, dust that falls from the furniture and walls, spiders that might decide to spin their webs between a bed and the carpet.

Maintaining clean carpets is not always easy, because everyone seems to be short on time, but if you turn this cleaning ritual into a bi-weekly routine you’ll have cleaner carpets. You also won’t have to hire a professional the way I had to choose between various carpet cleaning TW2 teams, before I picked up this technique. Here is how you will achieve this result.

1. The first step is preparation. Clear away any rubbish that can be hand picked such as leaves from your potted plants or crumbled papers. If you have a spacious household, consider remove some of the light furniture, but be sure to have the carpets dried completely before you bring place it back.
2. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly.
3. You should have an oxygen-based cleaner and have read its instructions so that you know its proper use. Also, consult with a carpet company so that you learn what’s the best product for your carpet. Pour the cleaner into a spray bottle and apply it to any stains on the carpet.
4. Scrub the detergent into the stain using a hard brush, and let it dry. Proceed to vacuum the carpet again to remove any dirt released by the oxygen-based cleaner.
5. Once you have treated all the stains, proceed to shampoo the carpet, working your way from the back of the room to the front. For the task you may need to rent a carpet shampooer from your local cleaning company, which is what I did during a bank holiday from one of the carpet cleaning TW2 teams.
6. Let the carpet dry completely and inspect your work.

Please bear in mind that the shampooer should be used the first time only and then only treat your carpets after a month or two, when the dirt your vacuum has missed have dulled the fibre’s colour.

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