Simple Tips for Efficient Housecleaning

A good looking house is always accompanied by a properly done cleaning, however, there aren’t much people who actually like the process of cleaning. Making your housecleaning tasks as organized and simple as possible will save time. A task schedule will help you to get your cleaning on time without missing anything. While some people prefer to clean a room or two per day, others clean the whole house at once.
Bathroom cleaning should be first in your list of tasks as there is a lot of moisture that makes the bathroom ideal place for mould growth and germ multiplying. The most effective routine, also recommended by Clapham cleaners, is to clean the bathroom fixtures as follows: sink, shower/bathtub, toilet and floor. Eliminate germs by using ammonia-based solution. Use newspaper to wipe glass cleaning solution off mirrors for a spot-free surface. Clean your bathroom weekly, and you should not have any problems with its appearance.
When it comes to maintaining the kitchen, use a dish-washing soap to clean the cabinets. For countertops, use a solution made of ΒΌ vinegar and a gallon of water. Clean the stove, then go for the sink before you wash the floor. For hardwood floors, it is advisable to work in small areas and dry them off before you move to the next section.
When dusting, make sure to use products that will not damage your wood furniture. It is recommended dusting at least once a week to keep down the amount of allergens in your home. Always dust from top to bottom in order to prevent dust particles from falling on already cleaned areas.
Carpets contribute a lot to the appearance of a home. Vacuum them weekly, or more often if they are placed on high traffic areas. Use professional cleaning services such as carpet cleaning Clapham, to clean your carpet in deep. Sweep hardwood floors several times a week to protect them from damaging caused by accumulated debris.

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