Side Effect From Moving on Children

If you think you are the only one who feels the burn when changing location, then you are wrong. There are other people next to you, some of them no more than small children. Sure, you can get through it somehow but what about their psychological stability.

Think about what this means to them. They have no knowledge like you do, so they can not possibly make the right conclusions, that are going to keep them from changing badly. Should you swallow some of the things you stand for in their name, now that is a parent in action. Because problems of family matter tend to happen all the time, somebody has to take the blame.

A child’s ability to endure mental hits is not so well developed. It needs to find the reason for the wrong that is happening around it, otherwise it gets sad. That is the reason small children cry and that is the reason why their mood can change in an instant, as long as it is told that everything is ok. You know of this quite well.

A change in the scenery can confuse the mind. Since it can’t explain everything to itself just yet, after a while it starts mistaking facts with old memories. The result is a mixture of moments in life, that compete for the same time and space in the head. For example, if you see a man and a van in London, standing in front of your house, you know exactly why it is there, what is it’s purpose and how the chain of moments in the near future will continue. If shown to a baby, it’s mind says “ Ok, there is a vehicle here. It’s bigger than me, it loud…”. That’s about it. Everything is unclear. Next thing you know, you are in a completely new world, scimitar to the old one but not exactly the same.

Years pass, the child grows up and gets used to the new home. The mind develops and can now make its own conclusions. The person remembers that at some point in the past he was living there and then came here. Of course curiosity drives him and he ask himself the question WHY. Because of the confusion in the past, he knows he is not responsible, so he starts to seek the blame in other people. Mostly he will believe what the person he trusts the most has told him. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the truth. Only when reaching a specific age, can the person understand exactly what man van London is connected to. Unfortunately, by then, it will be too late to change anything, because what happened – happened.

After reading all of this, where do you think you can find the blame for the strange behaviour of a person? How is a child responsible for his parent’s actions? This is why people should not take parenting lightly.

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