Short Sweet Escapes From Costa Rica

If you are looking for a part of the world regarded as a haven for wildlife and holiday adventure activities, then Central and South America is one of the regions of the of the world you must explore.

Roatan for instance is one place in the region you should visit. It is situated between the islands of Utila and Guanja and is the largest of all the Honduras Bay Islands. In length it is about sixty kilometres, but at less than eight kilometres in width at its widest point. The sea as a result is never too far from wherever you go on the island.

The biggest and most inhabited towns on the island are: French Harbour, West End, the capital of Jose Santos Guadiola municipality, Oake Ridge and of course the capital, Coxen Hole. Each one of the towns mentioned are charming and idyllic in their own unique way. They are decorated with the type of architecture one sees on films settings located in typically laid-back Caribbean towns. …Places which most of us would consider to be the nearest we ever get to know or see paradise. You may not find dozens of content elderly men dozing in hammocks, or sipping rum while facing the sea on their rocking chairs, but you will see a lot of relaxed if not happy faces. If you decide to volunteer in Costa Rica for instance, then getting away to one of these charming little towns in the region is definitely worth it. Volunteer in Costa Rica and look no further for your holidays. These small towns will be wonderful stress-proof, I am sure.

Sandwiched between Coxen Hole and French harbour, and slightly further west of the island, is lays Burial Key, now known as Barefoot Cay since 2001. It has been bought by a privately owned luxury resort and is very popular with celebrities. If you are the type of volunteer who would enjoy nothing more than to be able to wallow in the five-star, pristine and glitzy environments, rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous once in a while, then Barefoot Kay is the place to go.

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