Select Your First Garden Tools

It doesn’t have to be expensive to start a garden. All you will need is a few basic tools and some patience to make a beautiful garden on your own. It can be even cheaper if you can find gardening tools at yard sales or flea markets. Here are the basic tools with which a gardener cannot work.

  1. Spading fork is used to dig down into hard soil and break up the ground. It pretty much looks like a pitchfork that has wide tines and a short handle. You will need this tool to improve the soil before planting anything.
  2. Hoe is another tool you will need when maintaining a garden. The hoe will hep you to weed and cultivate the surface of the soil so water and nutrients to penetrate easier deep in the soil.
  3. Purchase a watering can with long nozzle so you can reach across long distance. The long nozzle also helps for a gentle flow rate of the water which will not harm your young seedlings. It is a good idea to get a watering can with a detachable spray head.
  4. Buy a round-ended shovel if you are planning to plant trees and shrubs.
  5. Bow rake is another tool that each gardener should have. A bow rake has multiple applications. You can use the bow rake to level the soil after it has been turned, or to remove rocks or large clods of earth from the soil. Also, the back side of a bow rake can be used to smooth out the surface of the soil before planting.
  6. Garden shears, also known as clippers, are used for shaping, pruning and removing foliage or branches. Don’t buy the most expensive shears but those that fits comfortably in your hand.

It is advisable to avoid purchasing expensive tools when you are just starting in gardening. This way you will save yourself a lot of money if gardening turns out not to be your passion. Also,keep in mind that you can always use gardening services if you have troubles maintaining your garden. The expert landscaping and gardening staff provides a variety of services such as lawn mowing and care, weeding, removal and recycle of garden waste,lawn feeding and etc. so they should not have problems putting your garden in order.

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