Scottish Rain, Not so Bad.

It was another rainy day in Scotland. I suppose I should have done a little more research into the weather patterns in Scotland prior to booking this trip. Yet, in all, I was enjoying my stay very much. Sure, some of the activities that I wanted to attend were not possible in such circumstances, but these changes to my plan also allowed me to be more creative. I had many city tours that I wanted to attend, and a few of the tour companies did have covered buses, but I did not feel like sitting inside a bus all day. For this reason, I began to explore some of the activities that could be attended around my hotel.

To b honest, I did spend quite a bit of time in the pub that was conveniently located next door, as it allowed me to converse with the locals and obtain better insight into what it meant to be Scottish. I learned the names of the frequents, and even felt like I had become one of them by the end of my trip. Surely, they still saw me for what I truly was, a tourist, but they never made me feel like an outsider. There is something to be said about Scottish hospitality. In saying so, I am truly glad that I decided to stay at this Coylumbridge hotel, as there were numerous other hotels out there that looked just as promising. I was also looking into a a few nights at the Cairngorms hotel which was located a little further away. I am not sure why I eventually decided on the Coylumbridge hotel but I can assure anyone that is planning a trip to Scotland that it is amazing. I do not wish to speak ill of the Cairngorms hotel, it is just that I did not stay there this time. Let me know if my words of wisdom helped you out, or if you just want to swap stories about Scotland.

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