Salt & Lemon Juice Cleaning

Most of the commercial cleaning products, that you buy from the store, contain toxins that can be very harmful for you and your family. All those chemical-based products are effective but also environmentally unfriendly. Fortunately, now there are green alternatives to those solvents, like lemon juice and salt. Here is some useful information that you can take advantage of.

When moving out, end of tenancy cleaning is hard and difficult task, that takes a lot of time.


To clean brass and pewter sprinkle salt into a lemon half and scrub. Make e mixture of four teaspoons of lemon juice, a half cup of salt and a cup of warm, bur not hot, water. Use a sponge or cloth and polish the metal. You can also combine ice cubes, lemon juice, salt and cold water to clean stained metal. Scrub and then rinse and you see how sparkling is the metal surfaces.


Remember that chemical-based products can cause asthma and allergic reactions or environmental sensitivities in some people, and that is very dangerous especially for small children and pets. When using toxic-free products you minimize these reactions.

Fun fact

You can both clean and get spa for your hands. Sprinkle salt and lemon juice on the place you want to clean and scrub with your hands. This way you will remove the stains and bacteria from the spot. Rinse thoroughly the area and let it dry. After that wash your hands with water and add lotions, this way they will become very soft. The salt is really good exfoliant.

This all-purpose natural products are as effective as those bought from the store. That is why you can use them to clean the entire house during the end of tenancy cleaning. Do not forget that you can call London cleaners and ask for help or advice, they will be glad to help you.

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