Salt And Lemon – Magical Combination Against Rust

Do you have some “lovely” orange stains all around your bathroom? And you don’t know how to remove them? Well… that’s common problem and many people face with it every day. There are many reasons because of which rust would appear – dampness, forgotten metal cans, rusty water pipes… It is amazing how easy is your bathroom to become to rust nightmare and how difficult is to return its initial exterior.

Your priority during the end of tenancy cleaning is your bathroom to be perfectly clean. This means that you should remove any mold and mildew, should rid out of any limestone, dirt and soap build-ups. It is not such an issue to cope with them – just use some bleach or vinegar and your problems will be solved. It is much more difficult to clean rust stains. What could you do if your bathroom is covered with rust stains?

One very effective way is to use salty lemon. It may sounds a bit surprising but this method could make miracles. All you should do is to cover the stain with lots of table salt and to squeeze some lemon juice over it. Leave it for half a day or even more. When you wipe it, you’ll notice that all rust was absorbed by this mixture and there isn’t anything left of the stain. The best is that all you need is just salt and lemon. They are natural products, couldn’t harm your health and could be found in every house. Of course they are much cheaper than any commercial detergents and are very effective. Another way which is highly recommended is to scrub the rust stain with pumice stone. In this case you should work very carefully because you could easily damage the porcelain surfaces in your bathroom.

May be the easiest and the safest way to rid out of any rust stains is to entrust this task to end of tenancy cleaning London company. The professionals could remove easy and fast any stain so you shouldn’t worry about anything.

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