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Believe it or not, everything you do and feel during your pregnancy affects on your future baby. That is why, safe home cleaning during this period of your life is extremely important. No matter of how good in household maintenance you are, in these special 9 months you will need special safe cleaning guidelines.

Keeping your home clean and maintained can be a really tough challenge as you will not be in the condition to perform the usual cleaning tasks. You will get tired more often, the getting bigger tummy will prevent you from being active and light as usual. So, here are some safe cleaning guidelines, shared by cleaners Twickenham, that will help you clean your home in a safe and healthy way.

Safety measures. Always wear rubber gloves, long sleeve shirt and socks. It is recomended even to wear a mask to avoid breathing the poisonous fumes. This way you will reduce the risk of inhaling any harmful substances cleaning detergents contain.

Choose the cleaning detergents wisely. Try to choose eco-friendly cleaning products. To keep your and your baby’s health safe read the labels and get the products that have the least chemical containing.

Air while cleaning. Always open the windows widely while cleaning your home. If your bathroom does not have a window or a ventilation system, it is a good idea to install some or at least keep the door open while cleaning, to avoid inhaling the poisonous fumes of the detergents.

Dust regularly. The dust is one of the main allergens in a house. It may cause serious respiratory problems like asthma to you and your baby. Besides vacuuming and dusting will make you move a little.

Use natural cleaning ways. Consider using the good old “green” cleaning method. It gained popularity lately because of its non-toxic products. Use the power of baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice to clean your home. They are as effective as the commercial cleaners.

Look for some help. Think of some professional cleaning services you can take advantage of. Hire a professional to clean your home thoroughly at least once to twice a month. This will save you the risks of the cleaning detergents and getting hurt.

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