Rose’s Wonderful Vacation

A friend of mine, a girl with a decent education and well paid job, told me the other day that she wants to visit a place where she can get all the relaxation and all the peace that she deserves. She said that she is ready to pay some serious money only if the destination that she is about to visit offers more than simple beaches and palms. “This is just not enough”, she says.

So, I decided to help, Rose, this is her name. I went on the Internet and start looking for interesting destinations that offers more then beautiful, white beaches. She wanted to go to a place where the hotels does not have million and a half floors, or where the disco is right beneath the hotel room’s windows. She just wanted a place where she can relax and nothing more.

So, I made a call Thailand and asked about the tourist resorts there. It appeared that this country offers exactly what Rose was looking for. Nice weather, smiley people, wonderful cuisine. I knew she would like my idea, so I hurried to present it to her.

She was flattered!

So, when the first and most important step was already made, we decided to look for a nice hotel, well located and with good name. We went on the Internet for a second time and started looking for good hotels, nicely located and with positive comments on the Internet.
We found a place, which was in part of Thailand, which was not effected by the floods from the recent days. It was a good small hotel, with wonderful beach and amazing mountain near by. So, she liked it a lot and decided to buy tickets.

However, she was missing something. The climate in this part of the world can be tricky, so I advised her to make some cheap calls to Thailand and ask about the vaccinations, which were required from the authorities in order to let you in the country.

So, when all this was done she packed her luggage and went their. 2 weeks later, when she came back, she was like new. I hardly recognised her. She was calmer, smiley and in wonderful mood. She told me about all the places she visited and all the see-sights she saw. And all this, partly because of me. I was so proud of my self.

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