Reusable and Eco Friendly Shopping Bags

Everywhere we look we’re seeing increasing environmental concerns over global warming and carbon monoxide emissions. These are not just empty scare-tactics by environmental groups and organizations – these are real threats we are all influenced by one way or another. Generally, the paper bag uses four times more energy and produces more air pollutants and 50 times more water pollutants than plastic bags.
Leading grocery store chains, local stores and customers are realizing that eco friendly bags are the best thing that has happened to grocery shopping. And they have identified an opportunity to use it for their profit. However, it is very important for every individual to play his part in conserving the environment and safeguard our earth from the dangerous and hazardous things. We all have to contribute to making the world a better place – one small step at the time. Bearing this thing in mind, the best ways to do Eco friendly shopping are:
• Always carry your own shopping bags with you that are made from cloth or string. Ideally they need to be durable enough so that you can use them for so many years.
• Try to buy products in returnable and refillable containers. Some of the products have refill packs so that you only have to buy the main container once.
• Avoid packages that contain mixed materials as these are very difficult or expensive to recycle.
• Buy foods and drinks in containers that you know can be easily recycled for example glass bottles, etc.
• If you use a supermarket bag then try to choose the plastic over heavy paper bags.
• If possible try to use the local shops like butchers and grocers. They will offer you the goods that you need without all the unnecessary packaging.
Eco-friendly bags are also considered as a fantastic advertising tool for any business. Displayed in front of an ever changing and widely varying public, an eco-friendly bag can be a powerful marketing tool. Eco-friendly bags can take on all sorts of promotional slogans, from carrying a company logo, to self-proclaiming messages of green and sustainable shopping practices. They are functional and noticeable, and now they are also becoming fashionable. Products can be popular simply because they are recyclable, and by including the stamp of approval from the fashion industry, eco-friendly bags have come into their own. They are also practical, folding up easily and small enough to fit in a drawer or to keep in the boot of the car, and can be used for a myriad of purposes.

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