Research Movers To Be Prepared

When you go out shopping for a particular thing your wisest option is to compare prices from different stores. It’s the same case everywhere, even when you consider hiring a moving company. Comparing various moving services and moving estimates is essential if you want to locate a firm matching your desires to move.

It’s hard to start your search from anywhere, there are so many moving services out nowadays. It doesn’t really matter where you start from, it’s important that you locate or collect at least ten moving company names. After that you will have to research each one of them individually and compare them. It’s important to know what you will be provided with on what cost, before you sign at the bottom dotted line.


Obviously after that you will contact them though the phone to set up a meeting but while doing so interview them over the phone. With that you can narrow down your choice to three. Let me give you some tips what sort of question to ask over the phone, to see will the potential moving company meet your needs.


Ask that they provide you with their registration number, it’s called a DOT number (Department of Transportation Number). If a moving company operates within the city or state it won’t be registered in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.


Movers base their rates on different variables, furniture volume, per hour, distance and etc. This is mandatory to know because it’s directly related with your move. If you are moving somewhere close by the cost should estimated based on the distance, if you are moving overseas the weight should be the most important principle.


Find out whatever your best option is while you are interviewing a particular moving company over the phone. Ask them about their estimates, are they binding or non-binding, there is fundamental difference between these two types.


Last but not least ask about extra charges, this can catch you off guard in the end when the bill comes for the job. Even if the moving company insures you about the price you will pay from the start be aware that it can change pending on some clauses you missed in your contract.

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