Renewable Energy Resources for Shrewsbury

A public vote has meant that the Shrewsbury Hydro Group has managed to win £15,000 funding. This means that Shrewsbury is one step closer towards hydroelectric energy being provided to supply the high demands for the shopping mall, the local house or usual Shrewsbury hotel.

The group managed to win the £15,000 from the Energy Share Launch Fund of British Gas. In turn, environmental surveys are going to take place, such as a Fish Pass Survey, a Flood Risk Survey and a Protected Species Survey, before the large hydro scheme will occur in the area. The Group was originally established in 2009 to see if they could generate renewable electricity from the River Severn, especially considering the increase in fuel prices recently. Reports suggest that a turbine built at Shrewsbury Weir could potentially produce around two million kilowatt hours of electricity every year for the residents of Shrewsbury. To put it in perspective, that would get rid of 1000 tonnes of CO2 that is released every year from the power stations.

When fully completed, the actual residents will have shares in the Hydro station and further local funds by the community will be used to maintain the station. The station will also have a didactic role as video cams at the turbine will be used to help teach kids about renewable energy, whilst local charging points will enable electric cars and motorbikes to charge up their batteries directly from the river’s water power. Beyond all of this, the turbine house will also simply be a major tourist attraction for the area, so be sure to be one of the early visitors and book one of the many available hotels Shrewsbury town centre once the turbine is open to the public. And you never know, your hotel may actually be powered by the hydro station itself.

This will be a huge step for not only Shrewsbury but for Britain’s turning attitude towards renewable energy. The £15,000 will go a long way in securing a bright future for Shrewsbury. Well a renewably bright one anyways.

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