Removing Carpet Stains with Household Products

There are many ways to clean a carpet without using commercial products which often contain chemicals that you probably don’t want in your home. But the trick is to know how to execute them properly. Here are some great tips that will help you to remove stains from your carpet using only household products.

  1. Mix equal parts of water and white vinegar in a spray bottle , then apply the solution to the stain so the area is saturated enough. Wait the solution to soak in the carpet for about ten to fifteen minutes and rub the stain gently using a clean sponge, as carpet cleaning professionals advise. Use warm water to rinse the carpet, then cover the area with a layer of white paper towels pressed by a heavy object such as a book or brick. Let sit like this until the area dries completely.
  2. Combine 1 teaspoon of household ammonia with ½ cup of water. Apply the solution to the stain using a spray bottle, or pour it directly over the stained area. Be careful not to oversaturate the carpet when apply. Blot the stain using paper towels, and leave the carpet to dry completely.
  3. Use hand soap or dish soap that don’t contain lanolin or bleach to make a detergent solution. Apply a mixture of ¼ teaspoon of detergent and 1 quart of water to the stain, then blot it using paper towels. Use spray bottle to apply the solution.
  4. Pour some isopropyl rubbing alcohol onto a clean, white cloth or paper towel. Blot at the stained area, working from outside of the stain inwards so you don’t spread the stain. Blot until no more stain is left on the carpet.
  5. Some tough stains can be removed with lemon juice. Squeeze a fresh lemon or buy lemon juice from your local supermarket. Pour the juice into a spray bottle and spray a nice amount of it onto the stained area, watching not to wet the carpet padding. Wait for five minutes, then blot with paper towels.

If your carpet needs thorough cleaning, you can call professionals to save time and nerves which often accompany the major carpet cleaning.

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