Remove Wax from Carpet

There are many stains, which can be easily removed by using conventional techniques, unfortunately wax stains are not among them. Some more efforts are required in order to remove wax from carpets.
But how can you efficiently remove wax from your carpet? Of course, you can hire carpet cleaning Hampstead, but also you can deal with it on your own, just read the following techniques:
The Icing Method
When the wax hit the floor, it instantly solidifies itself. This is not enough, you need to freeze the wax in order to remove it from your carpet.
For this purpose, you could place plastic bags with ice on the area where the wax is fallen. Wait for several minutes and take them off. Now, it will be easier to get rid of the wax as it should be completely frozen.
Crack the frozen wax with blunt object and vacuum the debris with slow motions. If there are still some wax residues left, you could scrape it off with blunt tool. Do not use sharp objects such as scissors and knifes since they can damage the fiber of your carpet.
The Scraping Method
Scraping is another alternative that you have for removing wax. To execute the scraping successfully, you are going to need of:

  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Clean rags
  • Iron
  • paper sheets
  • Sponge
  • Putty knife

First, use putty knife to scrape the area where the wax fell. Then remove the bigger chunks and place a sheet of paper on top of the remaining wax. Use an iron to sweep gently the sheet. When the wax melts and attaches itself to the paper, lift the paper off the carpet. This should remove the wax from your carpet. However, if there are small remains left, rub the stained area with rag moistened with rubbing alcohol.

The both methods mentioned above are very efficient when it comes to removing wax form the carpet. However, if you can’t handle the wax stain on your carpet, contact carpet cleaning Hampstead for more advices.

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