Remove Odours With Vinegar

The market nowadays offer a wide variety of air-fresheners which, unfortunately, are not so effective as many people think. Most of them only mix with the odours in houses without removing them. Moreover, when you add one or two smokers, a baby, refrigerator, that is always smelling no matter what, the picture becomes even more horrible.

Fortunately, there is an alternative of all these commercial air-fresheners which is much more effective. It removes odours instead of masking them (as store-bought air-fresheners do) and in addition is pretty much cheaper. What is it? Vinegar, of course. It is not only an all-purpose cleaner but a great air-freshener as well. Vinegar is also a natural product which does not harm the environment, and the more important – your and your family’s health. Everybody knows the consequences of chemical air-fresheners as much of them are aerosols. You have heard about the ozone hole, right? So, why not give a try to green cleaning using natural products? Here are some tips on removing odours with vinegar, shared by cleaning Ealing experts.

Fight the cigarette smell in your home with a cotton damped in vinegar. Find the cotton some high place and leave it in well aired room for 24 hours.

Everybody hates the smell of fresh paint. Sometimes it lasts for months. You can get rid of this kind of unpleasant smell in a couple of days with the help of salted water. Make a solution of 2 parts of water mixed with one part of salt, put it into jars and place on every corner of the painted room.

Fridges usually smell bad. Remove the odour in your fridge and kitchen cabinets with a solution of one part of water and two parts of vinegar. Wipe the inside surfaces of the fridge and cabinets using a soft cloth damped with the solution and leave the doors open for about an hour. Another trick of removing fridge odours is by putting a couple of slices of bread inside for about 24 hours.

Remove the unpleasant smell in your kitchen naturally using lemon and orange peels. Boil some lemon and orange peels for about 15-20 minutes in the kitchen and air the room.

If you want to add an exotic scent to your rooms, I suggest you scented candles. It is even better if you make your own scented candles.

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