Recycled Furniture

Nowadays more and more furniture are made of recycled materials. In this article we will turn your attention on some of the most amazing furnishings made out of recycled or reused materials such CDs, wood, bottles, paper and etc.

1. The Castor Canadensis is light fixture built from old fluorescent light tubes. The castor canadensis have a simple design but are great for illuminating living areas such as living or dining rooms.
2. The cart chair is made by using old shopping carts that have been remodeled in order to look like a chair. This kind of furniture is considered as an ideal garden furnishing.
3. The board chairs and tables are made from non-usable skate and surf boards. Some chairs from the board set are even made via broken baseball bats.
4. The crushed can furnishings are ideal if you like colorful furnishings. This type of furniture that is made out of crash cans and once the cans are crushed the numerous colors from the cans mix together and create some unique patterns.
5. Have you ever wondered what happens with the old bath tubs that people throw away. If you have then here is your answer as some furniture companies use the tube to craft extremely comfortable bath tub sofas.
6. The dishwasher drum table is made of old dishwashing machines drum. At first the table looks odd but the more you look at it the more you will want to place it in your household.
7. The CD lounge is a very comfortable lounge chair made out of old unusable CDs.
8. The disposable pen chandelier is a unique lighting fixture made from disposable pens. Once the lights are switched on the numerous pen holsters will disperse the light to create a amazing light show.

Although these furnishings are made out of recycled materials they require a good cleaning routine in order to keep their looks. Also one in a while hire cleaners from Dartmouth Park based to come and properly clean your furniture. When it comes to furniture cleaners around De Beauvoir Town has a multitude of firms that you can hire.

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