Rattan Cleaning Tips and Hints

The modern furniture are mostly made of glass and metal. They are shiny, stylish but according to many they are not good if cosiness is what you want to achieve. These furniture make the house to look like office. They are strict in some way cold and sometimes uncomfortable. So, that is the reason for many people to choose wood furniture for their homes. One of the interesting solutions in such cases is the rattan. This material looks great, it is somehow exotic and it can be combined with different styles and colours. However, if you want to have such chairs or tables or full room furnishing made of rattan, you may need to know more about the proper ways for maintaining the good look of the material.

Here is what most cleaners London recommend.

You will have to clean the surface regularly. Monthly or even better weekly cleaning will guarantee you that the high quality of your furniture will remain the same after some time. The procedure is way from hard. You need some mild dish washing cleaning solution and some water. Poured on a sponge this mixture can deal with most of the dirt and stains in the rattan surface. Make sure to reach all the crevices. When you are ready, simply wipe with soft dry cloth in order to dry the surface. Because this is actually a wooden material, the water can cause great damage, so make sure to blot well.

Keep the furniture indoors. The rattan certainly likes humidity so make sure to place it in the right place in the house.

A major cleaning once a year is necessary. This way you can take care of dirt build up which will prevent and more serious damage.

Some rubber stoppers underneath the legs of the chairs and the table will also help maintaining the good look of the furniture.

These simple tips provided by professional cleaning services can make your life significantly easier when it comes to maintaining the proper look of the rattan furniture and therefore the cosiness of your home.

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