Properly Maintaining Your Computer Keyboard

Nowadays, almost everybody has a computer. Unfortunately, most of the people are addicted to computer games and they are doing everything in front of the PC – sleep, eat, talk, etc. And that’s why sometimes, your keyboard doesn’t work. It is full of dirt. So, I will share with you some easy cleaning tips on how to keep it clean and good working.

First, I will share with you the cleaning tools, which you have to use:


-computer wipes

-computer vacuum

-clean cloth

-PC cleaning fluid

-compressed air

House cleaning Sydney warns us to turn off the PC when we start cleaning it. Otherwise, to whole computer won’t work when you finish.

Step one: First, you have to turn the keyboard off. After that, shake it and the bigger pieces (dirt, food) will fall down. Now, you can vacuum it very gently. This cleaning method is one of the most effective ones, because the vacuum is very powerful.

Step two: Take a clean cloth and moisten it with computer cleaning fluid. Wipe the keyboard and remember: do not spray the cleaning solution directly on the keyboard. It is good to clean between the keys with cotton balls.

Step three: Maybe you know, and still I have to tell you. If you have single keys, you can remove them and clean them in the same way as the keyboard (with cotton balls damped with an alcohol). When you finish with the cleaning, you can put the keys back.

Step four: Everyone of you has spilled something on the keyboard. The most important thing you have to do is to save your work immediately. It is recommended to do it using the mouse, not the keyboard. Then, unplug it and turn it upside down. After that, you have to wipe it very well.

If you can’t handle the damages on your keyboard, hire house cleaning Sydney. Yes, you won’t be able to use it for 1-2 days, but you will take it back when they clean it.

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