Problems With the Relocation (part 1)

I am more than hundred percent sure that each and every one had a problem when he moved his household. That is a given fact, which rarely escapes, especially if you one is moving far away, to another town or country. When I say problems I mean when you have come to a confrontation with the mover. A very precise example is the insurance. Because there are cases in which the client purchases a moving service and after which argues for the damages which, according to him, the moving employees did. Let me show this and other cases more thoroughly, who is at fault, why movers don’t cover and what can be done insure that doesn’t happen again.

It’s mandatory for one, when considering to hire a moving company, to know what exactly does he want them to cover, related to his move. If you aren’t familiar with the specifics I will tell you that moving companies differ on many things, but one of the main is their services. Generally speaking there are three types of moving services, full service, self-service and rent a truck.

Full service is when you hire the moving company to take care of the entire moving process for you. The only thing you have to do is drive to your new place and start your new life. Of course if you purchase this type of service you won’t suffer any inconveniences, at least not any fatal, just minor. However not so many people go for it due to it’s high rate.

Self-service is the type of service, which targets specific areas. Meaning that the mover will be hired for one or few moving related tasks. Well if I was a first time mover I wouldn’t understand anything, let me give you an example. Lets say you want to move within your town, to another neighbourhood. What service from the enumerated would be better suited, self-service or full service, not mentioning rent a truck yet, because I will explain it later. First thing each and every person does is to check how much he or she will be charged. On that point it’s logically to purchase the self-service. You need to have a good idea what are the movers going to offer to your move. For instance you can have them pack your stuff only, or move the heavy pieces of furniture, which you can not manage to move.
Rent a truck is a even simpler service, the company provides a truck large enough to transport your stuff. Your expenses will be gas for the road, packing, moving and loading is done all by you. The biggest minus in the equation is you don’t have any insurance for damages.

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