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Postcards are one of the things that we commonly use to send short messages with pictures to people we care about long before mobile phones, cameras and the world wide web.  Postcard mailing was easy a long time ago, just buy a card write on it and send to the nearest post.  Now it is easy and complicated at the same time.  Direct mail postcards are being used mostly to send out advertisements or short greetings to clients.

Let this media tool help you expand your business, it is easy to create postcards in minutes here are a few things to remember:

1) Define your Target Market and put together your Contact List
As with any business, you need to have a target market once you have identified this you can easily pick out colors and pictures that would go well with this market.  If you have started with the business recently and have not made that many contacts ask your printers if they have the option to share contacts.  Some printers sell this for a small fee so you might want to tap on that to get to more prospective clients.  Now if you have your own list then send an electronic file to the printers and let them do the magic, that is if you intend to use their postage services too.

2) Visualize your postcard
Easy as pie, the moment you thought of creating a postcard you already had a general idea of how you want it to look so keep visualizing!

3) Layout and Design
If you intend to get a designer be concrete on what you want to see and explain everything to them in details.  A good designer will tell you outright if your concept works or may you may need to tweak a few things from the original idea.  If you are pretty good with designing and think you can do it there are various online printers that allow you to develop your postcards online.

4) Professionals
If you are not good with postcard making tap a designer’s talent, if it takes you forever to print good media tap a printer.  In other words – go look for a professional so you have less down time and you have more time for other things.

5) Printing
After all the designing go to print and let the printers do all the hard work.  All you have to do is choose the paper or add gloss to the finish for protection and you are good to go!

6) Postage

After all the printing, you have the choice of sending out the postcards yourself of letting the printers do it on your behalf.  It is of course with an additional fee but with no hassle, no time taken from you and faster processing time – direct mail postcards are the best bet.  Let them do all the work while you relax and focus on other things.

Postcards have always worked very well to express our feelings even if we are far, business tapped into this medium to get their clients too.  Whether its for the advertisement of a new product or service or holiday greetings, postcards are now more visible than we could ever imagine.

Services with direct mail postcards in bulk usually take 5 days to week to finish.  This includes of course the printing and the postage which is unlikely you can do yourself in the same amount of time.  If you are in a hurry an additional fee for express work (normally 3-4working days) can also be done so ask your friendly printer about it.

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