Postcard Mailing 101

It is easy to have your postcards printed but better to access their services for postcard mailing too.  Many Printers have postcard mailing services that can let you send advertisements as direct mail postcards.   Business advertising is easier with services like this, lay back and enjoy a little more time with other things.

It is easy to create and send postcards, here are a few pointers to get you by:

1) Postcard designing

• Layout
Whether you seek the help of designers or you use online postcard creators, you have to design a layout that creates clean lines, enticing designs and eye – catching drawing.  If you go for a designer just create a simple draft to help the designer understand what you want.

• Colors
Pick colors that match but not an eye irritant.  Avoid same hues because it may not be visible enough.  Using pictures as your background requires that you use colors that are against the majority color in the picture.

• Text
Draft a short and succinct text.  Explain everything in one or two sentences and do not forget where the readers or mail receivers can reach you.  Contact information is very important so people can get back to you.  Your postcard text should not include so much information so avoid overstuffing.

• Picture
Pick a simple picture that explains everything you want to say.  Pick a picture that’s clean and represents your company in a good light.  If you do not really have a good photograph get a good photographer and let them do wonders for your product or service.  Photographers have specialties too like doctors so make sure you tap the right photographer so you can get good pictures.

3) Mailing list

You have two choices for your mailing list to upload an existing one or buy from the printers contact information that they have an abundance of.  You can do both or pick one.  Mailing lists are extremely important to get to the right people.

• Upload
Collect your contacts in one file so you can easily share it to the printers who will do the mailing in your behalf.  Make it easier by putting it together in an electronic file rather than writing it on paper or just putting together the business cards.

• Buy
Tap the contacts of the printers, if they have contacts that will allow you to get the right target market then go for it.  The longer the contacts, the wider your audience and eventually the bigger your sales.

3) Postage choices

If you are in a hurry to mail out your postcards let the printers know so they can give you the option to choose the faster delivery.  It is cheaper because you are sending it in bulk, but it will be cheaper if you send it using the standard rates and turn around time.  Most Printers give you the ability to request for a faster turn around time but of course rates will increase so make sure they inform you once everything has been sent.  Postage rates and postage service differ in various countries.

The text you put in the postcard is limited so keep in mind to keep it short but make it memorable and succinct.  Let postcard mailing work for you and take advantage of direct mail postcards.  Ask your local printer today.

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