Post-Invasion Planning Part Five

Shaw, Madison and Jones were already seated when Harry entered dining room number four, second to last on the right off an opulent corridor. ‘Don’t hurry, we’ve already introduced ourselves,’ said Shaw in his grating Texan lilt. ‘Harry Wright – Jonathan Madison – Ray Jones.’ Shaking hands, Harry noted how all three of them were dressed as though they might have been ballroom singers from some long-bygone era. He was pretty sure Shaw would be armed. Pleasantries exchanged, they settled round the square. ‘We’ve ordered for you’ said Shaw. ‘Glass of Bordeaux?’ He poured Harry a glass without waiting for a response. His shirt collar’s tips dripped down past his clavicles like stalactites.
‘Well, shall we cut to the quick or shoot the breeze?’ asked Madison.
‘I don’t give a toss about your son’s little league team if that’s what you mean,’ replied Jones.
‘We could swap share tips,’ suggested Shaw.
‘Truth, be told, I’m really not sure why I’m here anyway,’ said Harry. ‘I know why you two are’ – he gestured to Shaw and Madison – ‘but I’ve no idea about you.’ Having been nodded to, Ray Jones gently adjusted the Windsor knot of his tie, removed his glasses and proceeded to caressingly employ the tie’s point to buffer their lenses.
‘The reason you don’t know why I am here, Mr Wright, is because you’re not meant to. I’m not sure why you’re here either, but clearly someone believes you should be, so perhaps it would be for the best if you just shut-up and listen.’
‘Quite a charmer.’ Harry said, turning to Shaw. ‘I thought he wasn’t going to be saying anything?’ When no one replied, Harry reluctantly continued. ‘Go on then.’ He made a vaguely apologetic motion in Jones’ direction.
‘Mr Shaw?’ said Jones. For some reason he suddenly found himself thinking of cleaning Bromley services and a pre tenancy cleaner.

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