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In these day and age outsourcing has become more and more frequently used business model. Businesses from all over the world, no matter how big, are introducing this model because of the many advantages and perks the model provides. There are many reasons for a business owner to decide to outsource some part or even the whole business abroad; like employing cheaper labour, thus making cuts in the costs, or because the employees hired abroad are more skilful, and so on.

There are many businesses that are outsourced these days. Even whole manufacturing industries are outsourced abroad, predominantly to countries in East Asia. Services are also outsourced to many foreign countries, especially services that can be provided to the customers over the phone.

One of the most clear examples for popular outsourced business has to be the service call centres. Call centres can be set just about anywhere in the world. This is all possible because the labour is cheap and the service provided is the same no matter if its provided by native speaker of the language or not. The advance level of the telecommunication technologies also plays huge part in the outsourcing of the call centre services. Now people can make calls to the other end of the world without having to pay huge sums for international calling rates and taxes.

Another popular business that is outsourced either because of the cheap labour, or the knowledge and skills of the work force, or because of both things combined, is the IT business. Computer professionals and IT experts can be found anywhere in the world, but for different price. Programmers and software developers are using the same tools and methods to create their products, so this means that the ability to speak foreign language isn’t of such big importance. The same goes for web developers and designers. All of these people are speaking the same universal language – the language of the computers and internet, and this is why outsourcing such businesses is very popular.

Outsourcing is a very popular business model. There are many reasons for companies and industries to implement this model. As for the requirements all that is needed are skilful employees knowing foreign language and the technology to make the cheapest calls to the place where the outsourced business is based.

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