POP Printing: The Fundamentals

POP printing is very fun to create, it puts your company in the competitive arena.  Consumers and your competition will notice you.  The first thing to do with printing is to canvass from a pool of POP printing companies.  Get the best and cheapest companies and weigh in the pros and cons of every printer and decide.  Take into consideration their customer service, quality prints and reasonable rates.

Before you go on with your POP prints there are several things you must start putting together:

• Dynamic photos
Your photos must always tell a story or at least tell something about your products or services.  The best way you can be sure that your merchandise is put in a good light is by having a professional photographer take the pictures.  Try to tap the photographer with experience on business marketing and the likes.   Most photographers specialize in a certain photography subject so find one that suits your exact need.  Try to keep it R-18 and tastefully taken.

• Text
There are tons of things you can probably say about your products or services but remember that this is not a novel and not everyone (a huge percentage) likes to read novels.  In this day and age, people usually just skim read so it is important to have everything in one paragraph or in bullet points.  It would be even better if it’s just a very short phrase that people can remember and brand you with.  Just by repeating those words you can already advertise all your products and services because it is your entire brand that you advertised.

• Colors
Choosing colors are one of the toughest parts to do in your printing project.  You need to choose the right colors that will blend well together but will also make your pictures and your text pop the way you really need them to be. Choose colors that majority of your target audience may like.  Example, little girls are attracted to anything pink.

• Draft layout
If your advertisement is a signage there is nothing much to draw except your design and a rectangle (or whatever shape you have in mind) but if your print requires a stand or racks, you may need to check with your printers what they have and compare it with what you have in mind.  You can draw it out if you want to just to make it more understandable.  Printers can always customize for you anyway but of course it would be faster to choose something that the printers already have on hand.

A few things you must also put into consideration when you approach your POP printer:

1) Location
Let your printer know where you are planning on placing your POP prints so they can let you know how you can protect it, perhaps with even just a simple paper stock to glass or even with aluminum.  Knowing where you will place something can easily help you and your printer identify the design of the frame, the container or rack where it is to be placed.

2) Anything Electrical
Should you require anything electrical, it must be permanent as you cannot just bring your POP prints anywhere with electricity following you unless you are using batteries.

3) Use
Think about where you will be using it for, is it just a simple rack with an ad on top, a huge board with a heavy foot to make it stand or perhaps a box or a crate with your ad and your merchandise in place?  Think about how you want to use it and let your printer know.

POP printing companies will always be around as long as advertising, open competition and marketing is alive.  With their sheer number you are sure to get one that you can easily work with, who says POP printing is easy when even finding one to print for you is already a major chore?

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