Political Stirrings in Great Britain

In the midst of economic crisis, something ugly has awoken. No, this isn’t the trailer to some kind of post-apocalyptic horror film, but the truth; since the advent of the credit crunch, there have been terrible moments of political unrest in Great Britain. To be precise, this political unrest is actually a little less political and much more racially-motivated. As with any time of crisis, in any place, at any time, the blame will almost always inevitably boil down to one single person, or more often, one single group of people. It’s startling enough to be aware of the fact that echoes of depression-era Nazi Germany are still resounding to this day, but people seem blissfully unaware of this. Although it’s nowhere near as extreme in Britain, the blame isn’t on the Jew or any specific ethnic group, but rather on foreigners as a whole. In fact, foreigners often live in fear during the times of the international football tournaments, particularly when the Europa league betting is taking place. But there really is no need for them to be afraid, as violence is hardly ever felt during these times. It’s almost always British-on-British violence that happens the most, after all. I’d also like to mention that the Scottish racist stereotype must be pure myth, as I am typing this from the comfort of the Murrayfield hotel in Edinburgh and have seen nothing to support this.

Take the English Defence League, for instance. What do they do? Well, they embark on ‘peaceful’ protests around the country, waving poorly-spelled banners and chanting provocative anthems in unison. “There ain’t no black in the Union Jack,” they claim. But, so what? There ain’t no green or orange and there sure ain’t no purple neither. These guys already have their crosshairs locked on one ethnic group in particular: Muslims. “They’re outnumbering us!” No they aren’t, even a child can see that. “They’re outbreeding us!” No again. “They’re taking over!” Not really, they’re just a bunch of people who are banding together because they’re afraid of xenophobic groups like the EDL. Thankfully that lot won’t come anywhere near Scotland, luxury hotel Edinburgh.

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