Play While You Are Cleaning

Nobody likes cleaning. It’s hard to make the decision either to buy toys or not. You know that every time when they play with them you will be the one, who will clean after them. You have two options. If you decide not buy your kids toys then you might strip them from their childhood. The second option, the better one, is to find a way to clean easy, or to learn your kids to clean with you. I can give you some advices about the second option.

First you can do is to try to turn the cleaning into a game. Instead of series of commands make the cleaning pleasurable or an interesting game. The kids will enjoy it. When they are young the important thing for them is the game. They are used to take the challenges like a game and they won’t to change it. You can show them how to pick up their toys and at the same time you can hide. And after they find you the room will be in order and in the end you will give them a  reward.

Next thing you can do is to put your commands into a rhymes. They will be more accurate if you talk to them with a smile and a rhyme. You can create a song and you can try to make your kids sing with you. This step is useful about two things. The first one is that they will practice to learn texts and the second one is that they will learn to be disciplined.

For the most kids count is fun. Ask them to count their toys and after that to put them in their proper places.

Kids like competitions. It is good idea to record their achievements so that the next time they see their result, they will want to make it better. And I have an advice form a Sydney cleaning company how to make cleaning easy. Put plastic bins for them to put their toys in them. That way they will learn how to be organised and they will know how to classify some stuff.

If you want to learn more ways how to get your kids to clean just ask Sydney cleaners.

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