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Dynapower USA open frame rack sets are designed as server rack supports but can also be used to hold rackmount monitors, computers and so forth. Each of our open frame racks conforms to EIA standards to fit all 19″ server rack models. We have different open frame rack models and we are well positioned to meet any customization needs to fit any rackmount server case. The main advantages of using open frame rack sets are the easy installation and easy access to your equipment and cables as there are no side panels or doors, and that temperature issues are easily addressed.

Dynapower USA has several cDynapower USA open frame rack sets are designed as server rack supports but can also be used to hold rackmount monitorsonventional open frame rack models. The first is the single frame open rack (EJ-20U-OR2) which is made of heavy duty cold rolled electroplated steel. This server rack is black in color having dimensions of 22″ width, 43″ height (39″ from base bottom and 35″ from top of base) and 20″ depth. It meets the EIA RS-310C 19″ rackmount server rack standard. It is flexible and easy to maintain.

The EJ-15U-OR4 is a two pair frame Open Frame Rack which is suitable not only for cabling support but also the easy installation of your rackmount server case. This server rack is designed from heavy duty metal with dimensions of 29″ depth, 22.5″ width from post to post and 16.5″ rail. It allows easier access to your rackmount server case thanks to the sliding rail capability. You can further connect many racks side by side.

We also feature a 4 post open frame rack line (EJ-31U-OR4-ALU) made of aluminium and which is very easy to assemble. It is a two pair post frame which allows you to install sliding rails and several server racks side by side which facilitate an easy installation of the rackmount server case. It has a maximum depth of 32″from post to post, width 20 to 25″, maximum base depth is 42″, hole to hole width 19″, a usable height of 31U and sliding rail bracket of 24″.

A common open frame rack accessory is the sliding rail. This accessory is especially important in cases where the server rack is almost full and the access to a particular server is minimal. The sliding rails are fixed to the frame of the server rack and in turn the server is fixed to the sliding rails. Should you require to service or clean a particular server, you just slide it out, perform the necessary tasks then slide it back in.

Aside from the open frame rack, we feature tower type server case designs to cater for smaller data handlers or enterprises.

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