Once Again it Is Christmas Time 1

When you plan to have a live Christmas tree, opt for the freshest one available.

When going for Christmas traditions, you do not have to decorate the Christmas tree until around the twelve days before Christmas, and if it is a real tree, the closer to Christmas, the better, this way you will keep pine needle dropping to a minimum. The crucial thing is that you take down the tree by twelfth night, which is the Epiphany, January 6th.

A bit like padded bras and faux tans, artificial Christmas trees are also nice, but not as nice as the genuine thing, they also provide a lot of house cleaning, because of all the needles. If going traditional, do not be tacky. There is one rule you ought not to break: traditional trees are always green. Blue, white, red, gold, or silver trees are not an option if you are going classic. On the other hand, buying a fake Christmas tree is a way to save from cutting a real one, taking care of the environment is very important, because of the pollutions caused by people.

When you plan to have a live Christmas tree, opt for the freshest one available and of course keep in the mind that they are more expensive than the fake ones. To test freshness of the tree that you want to buy you should lightly tug a bough towards you, very few needles, if any, should drizzle. If it is possible to lightly shake or a bounce, and it leaves a pool of pine needles or leaves, do not take it, it is obvious that it is old. If you are not decorating immediately, store the Christmas tree in an inch of water, the most ideal place would be in a garage away from the wind or sunlight. You should set up the Christmas tree in a corner. Keep it unexposed to radiators because this will cause it to dry up and die and all the needles will fall, this way you loose your tree and also make end of lease cleaning process very hard.

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