Occupational Therapy Billing Services

Occupational Therapy Billing Service

Occupational therapy billing can be a complicated process. Insurance companies need to make absolutely sure that the therapy provided will improve a patient’s condition within a specific period of time. The therapy must also be in accordance with an ongoing, written plan of care, which must be signed by a therapist or attending physician.
Occupational therapists play a key role in the medical field. Making patients engage in meaningful activities to help them overcome physical or mental illness is just as helpful as any treatment one would receive within a hospital. Because of these talented medical professionals, people all over the world are able to increase function and independence. Therefore, there’s no reason why the therapists themselves shouldn’t receive the compensation they deserve.
AllState Billing is a cost-effective, HIPAA-compliant occupational therapy billing service. By maximizing the speed of the occupational therapy billing process, you’re guaranteed to receive quicker reimbursements. Our occupational therapy billing company will provide you with the financial lift that every occupational therapist needs. While you’re in our occupational therapy billing program, we will take care of all your billing needs. In this way, you can focus on building your practice and giving extra-special care to your patients. Sign up now for your free consultation!

Occupational Therapy Billing Services

Hiring an in-house employee to handle your occupational therapy billing services can prove to be a tedious process. In a lot of cases, these employees may not understand the complexities of billing for occupational therapy. They certainly don’t have anything to gain by ensuring that you get reimbursed for your services. Worst of all, hiring an employee or employees to do your billing creates un-needed overhead, and could be a waste of time and money.
Occupational therapy practices are booming throughout the country. Trying to retrieve fees from your insurance provider can be a gigantic hassle. There’s no reason why you should have to worry about getting reimbursed for your services, when your mind should be set on providing valuable occupational therapy to your patients.
That’s where AllState Billing comes into the picture. By signing up for our occupational therapy billing services, our medical billers will handle all your occupational therapy insurance billing needs. By using our electronic occupational therapy billing services, you could say goodbye to all that unnecessary paperwork. The billers will check and re-check to confirm that all codes are input correctly (using our error-free system), and your claims will be processed within 24 hours! By signing up for our occupational therapy billing programs, you’ll receive much quicker reimbursements than you would get by hiring in-house employees.
The best part of it all: we only charge you a flat fee of $4.99 for the life cycle of your claim! Other outsource occupational therapy billing services frequently charge percentages based on your claim, in the event of a claim denial. At AllState Billing, we believe that we can get all your claims approved.Sign up now for your free consultation!

AllState Billing provides you with the best occupational therapy billing service for your medical practice. Learn how occupational therapy billing services can increase revenue for your practice and reduce the hassle of hiring in-house medical billers.

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