Hi, I am calling about Theresa Miller. How is she doing?’ This was the fourth person to call to ask about Miller in the past 45 minutes. ‘She’s fine, she is just sleeping and I don’t want to speak for her; I’m sorry…”" But I wasn’t sorry, I was annoyed. She is having enough problems as it is, why does the world have to know about them? Of course some callers were genuinely concerned, but it would all be sorted out with time. Theresa just needs to disconnect for the moment and I was going to protect her the best way I could.

Theresa is the close friend of my son, and she is a lovely girl. We were neighbours for years until we moved to the other side of town. but my son and her always stayed in touch. Theresa had a rough time in school and lacked supervision at home, so she started hanging out with the wrong crowd. It was no surprise to me when we found out she was pregnant, she had all the signs early on with the look of false confidence on her face, or was it denial?

The summer was approaching and she only had one year left of school and I had a plan. Our family had a trip planned. Well not quite yet. We were looking into Boat Share or Yacht Share deals. I would propose my plan to her then: she could stay with us and my wife and I would help her with the child if she agreed to continue with her schooling. Money would be tighter but we would manage and I felt like it was our responsibility to help her. Besides, this holiday would help all of us clear our heads.

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