Notepads the Super Easy Way

Notepad printing is one of the printing media that is very simple to do and require quite a little attention unlike booklets and other several paged media.  To get you through the process here are a few questions to ask yourself when making notepads:

1) What type of Notepad do you want?
There are many versions of notepads, most of them you see as small cubes near the telephone for note taking, some are used by doctors to write their prescription, while some use as forms such as deposit slips.

2) How many prints do you need?
Are you looking at 100 people to use the small notepads or are you requiring 500 deposit slips for different branches.  Think about your target market and make a rough estimate

3) What answers do you require from the form fillers?
Put together all the necessary queries you may ask people who will fill in the form.  Some of the most common ones are the name, address, contact information, signature etc.  make sure everything is listed down so when you make the draft layout everything is in place and can easily be inserted.

4) How do you see the notepad?
By now you have a general view on how you want your notepad to look like, make a rough drawing and check with the printers how feasible your layout is.  Most of the time and if it is not so different from the norm, it will be applied by the printer.  Your notepads still reflect you as with any other media so make sure your forms are easy to eyes and professional.

5) What colors are you thinking of including in the pad?
If you will be using forms try sticking with simple colors or if possible just one form.  You need to keep it simple for the fillers to understand what they need to fill in.  If you need to have a particular part noticed, use a different color that easily attracts and use bold fonts.  A form is most often monochrome but not necessarily black.

6) Do you need people to make several copies of what they signed?
If you require that then we highly suggest you include NCR or the No Carbon Required in your papers.  It will not only give you less time for filling in the forms it will also be more earth friendly compared to the outdated carbon paper.  You can easily see forms like these in banks or government offices.

7) Have you found a printer yet?
Find a printer that can understand you and work with your needs.  It is good if the printer can easily adapt to your requests and customization needs.  To find a good printer remember the following: a) they must be able to answer all your questions without hesitations and with a warm smile b) they must give you a reasonable and competitive rate c) all their prints must be clean and free from dirt and ink stains d) paper must be of good quality from cover to cover.

Notepad printing is best for your company because it is very easy to make with very little efforts but great rewards.  Forms and the normal notepads are almost always used by everyone. So if you want to make something useful but still advertising your company, then have some notepads printed.

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