Nightmare Flatmates – part 2

I moved into this gorgeous apartment in Swiss Cottage about 8 years ago. It was 8 minutes walk from Belsize Park and about 10 minutes walk from Chalk Farm. The flat was perfectly located right next to Primrose Hill, which was 5 minutes away.

It was a three bedroom flat, but there was only one woman living there when I moved in. My first night, we introduced ourselves briefly and then agreed to go out for a drink the following weekend once I had settled in.

I was astounded by how much stuff I had. With the help of a friend, it took me about three hours to get all my belongings up the stairs on to my floor. Then a further two hours to clean the place to my standard.

These days I just pay cleaners to do the cleaning a day or two before I move in. It is a lot less stressful and there is nothing more satisfying than moving into a place that smells almost brand new.

My flatmate was in her room for most of the time I was unpacking. I could hear then quiet murmur of her TV. At about 1AM, I decided to pack it in for the night. I made my bed, put on a jacket and walk up to Primrose Hill for a bit of fresh air before I went to bed.

When I returned to the flat about half an hour later. The lights in the corridor were off. My flatmate it seemed, was asleep. I crept into my room, got changed, slipped into my bed and switched off my light.

I had been in bed for less than three minutes when I heard my flat mates door open and people whispering. There was more than one person walking out of her room, which I thought odd, given that the flat had been so silent when I returned. I crept back out of my bed in the dark. The light was back on in the corridor, so carefully I knelt down onto my floor and peered between the gap underneath my door to see who the people were, whether they were men or women.

To my horror, my new flatmate was kneeling down on the other side of my door and staring right into my room. I got up and dived into my bed and covered my head with my pillow. I don’t think she saw me in the dark, but my heart was pounding. I never brought up the incident with her, but she later told that she worked for herself as a Night cleaner and her colleagues sometimes came in late to pick her up.
If you are looking for cleaners, make sure they are professional and legit, you never know who might be bringing into your house.

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