New Trades, Old City

Whilst Dusseldorf was mostly destroyed during World War II, the Old city still remains to be seen and is a major tourist attraction for the millions of visitors who enjoy the city every year, especially during the trade fair season. As the Dusseldorf trade show hotels fill up, many make time within their schedules to enjoy this tranquil and serene part of the city.

The Old Town, whilst destroyed during the war, was rebuilt soon after based on old town plans. It currently enjoys itself being a major shopping centre, whilst at night it is known to be the ‘longest bar in the world’. This area is so packed that within a kilometre, you will be able to find 260 bars, cafes and brew houses serving the local ‘Altbier’. On a side note, the locals of Dusseldorf have a fierce competition with Cologne and so if you ever order the light beer ‘Kölsch’, brewed in Cologne, you may get an unfriendly response, but hopefully they should recognise that you are simply a foreigner.

Enjoy the delicious Rhenish dishes such as Halve Hahn, Rheinischer Sauerbraten and Düsseldorfer Senfrostbraten as you sample the local restaurants along the promenade of the River Rhine. Whilst in the area, also be sure to have a stroll down Schneider-Wibbel-Gasse, a small lane that is packed with bars and restaurants; mostly Spanish and Latin American ones. You will also notice the amazing old gas lamps that can be seen across the city as well, making Dusseldorf the city with the most gas lamps in the whole of Germany.

Before you leave the Old City, the Burgplatz at the edges of the area reveal the site of where the Earls of Berg’s castle used to be. The castle had been renovated into a baroque palace but then burnt down in 1872. With all the ruins removed, the tower only remains today which features within it a navigation museum and allows you to gain spectacular views of the Rhine below.

So if you will be staying in any of the Dusseldorf trade fair hotels this coming spring, be sure to venture out to explore the Old City. You never know what you will discover here.

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