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Everybody knows the consequences of using commercial cleaning detergents in their daily household maintenance, but continues using them. The reasons for that are two. First, because many do not know an alternative method to keep their homes clean. Second is many do not believe in the effectiveness of the natural cleaning products.

Yes, there are alternatives of every cleaning product you use in your daily life. They can replace ever cleaning detergent and objects made of plastic and other toxic products. Moreover, many of these alternatives work even better than the commercial ones. Natural ingredients do not pollute the environment and do not harm your health as the toxic chemicals do, say cleaners Belmont. If you are one of those who does not know anything about green cleaning supplies, read below to learn some natural home cleaning tips.

You can clean your fridge and remove all the odours inside without the need of commercial cleaners. Make a solution of vinegar or baking soda (yes you can find them in your kitchen cupboards and cabinets) in a spray bottle. Use it to spray and wipe clean the inside and outside of the fridge. Remember, this should be done regularly. So, you can make it a habit to clean your fridge before every shopping. To absorb the odours, put a bowl full of baking soda or a slice of bread in one corner of the fridge. Change the baking soda on every three months, and the slice of bred once a week. To improve the effectiveness of the baking soda, stir it once or twice a week.

Many housewives do not believe in the effectiveness of natural products on their sinks and counter tops. Cleaners Bounds Green claim the opposite. Remember, you use the counter tops to prepare food. Imagine how much toxins may transfer from your just cleaned counter top to the food you eat. This may cause really serious health issues. Do you read the labels of the commercial cleaners? They say that it can be dangerous if inhaled or eaten. So, you can try a paste of baking soda. Rub it on the surfaces with a sponge and rinse. It will remove the darken spots and will bring the shine back without scratching the chrome or stainless steel or porcelain surfaces. You can use the same paste to clean, disinfect and polish your silver cutlery.

Use a solution of warm water and baking soda or warm water and white vinegar to clean the bathroom and toilet tiles. Vinegar removes all the limescale build-ups from the sinks, tiles, shower heads, etc. All you have to do is to wipe with a damped in warm vinegar sponge and rinse. The same is for cleaning toilets. All the toilet cleaners, that contain bleach and ammonia are dangerous for your health and for the environment. Better use a solution of baking soda or vinegar and hot water. Another method is by pouring a can of coke, leaving it to work for 30 minutes and flushing the toilet.

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