Natural Fibre Carpets Loathe Water

Home décor magazines might praise the class and aesthetic value of natural fibre carpets, but they seldom explain the responsibility of owning natural fibre carpets. A picture speaks a thousand words or so magazines work, but this picture seldom includes the small print. Natural fibre carpets can be a nightmare to clean up and even the simplest stain can be a cause of concern.

First, forget about trying to clean natural fibre carpets at home. You will always need to call upon a carpet dry cleaning London service to deal with dirt and dust. Although there is not much in terms of technique as far as the actual stain removal I can tell, you there is a lot that you can do, when you first buy your natural fibre carpets. This goes for the people, who loathe the idea of sitting on their knees to blot a stain with a barely damp sloth as to not shrink the carpet.

The first is to never consider a wall to wall variation. You will ruin your carpet almost immediately, especially when you have to move something messy through this room. I have to tell you that you’ll have absolutely no way to prevent accidents to happen. Your best bet is to buy pieces you can easily move around rooms depending on the situation. Choose dark colours, which are most likely to hide a few of the lighter stains in the case that an accident does happen.

While we are at it, position matters as well. While I’m not talking about placing natural carpets out of direct sunlight, you will benefit to know that high traffic areas are the worst places to place your natural fibre carpets. Please reconsider the kitchen, bathroom or your child’s bedroom as alternative choices as well, you will only invite stains that even carpet dry cleaning can’t save.

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