Natural Cleaning for the Bathroom

When you need to clean your bathroom the first thing that comes in mind is the bad smell of bleach. This usually makes you feel bad. Fortunately, there are more pleasurable ways to clean your bathroom and to avoid the smell of bleach.

You can use organic products in many ways in the bathroom. Here are some suggestions by cleaners Aldgate. You can choose a product that works best for you or try a different product each week for a bit of variety.

White vinegar does a good basic job in the bathroom. Apply it on a cloth. You could also warm the vinegar slightly, pour it into a spray bottle, and spray generously over all surfaces to be cleaned. Leave for a while and then scrub if necessary before rinsing well.

Baking soda will clean up surfaces that are not too badly stained. Pour a small mound into the bath or sink, and dip a moist cloth into it to clean away scum buildup. For slightly tougher stains, apply the soda with fine steel wool.

Borax is also an effective bathroom cleaner. Use it on a cloth or scourer to clean bathtub, sink and shower. Keep in mind that you have to wear rubber gloves before using borax.

A dark-coloured bathtub is best treated with eucalyptus oil. Wring out a cloth in hot water, add a few drops of the oil, and rub over the tub to clean up stains and leave a shining surface.

Chrome taps will shine like new if you simply wipe them over with a damp cloth dipped in white vinegar. Then polish with a dry cloth.

To remove both mildew stains and soap buildup from the shower curtain, scrub with warm white vinegar. Then wash in warm soapy water, rinse, and hang out to dry in the fresh air. You can help prevent the growth of mildew on shower curtains by soaking them in a tub of water to which you have added a cup of salt.

Glass shower doors will come clean of any soap buildup if you rub them down with a mixture of salt and lemon juice, or borax and lemon juice. Rinse clean.

Tiles will come clean of soap scum with a scrub of baking soda. Then wipe down with white vinegar to clean away powdery residue.

To clean grouting between bathroom tiles, use a toothbrush dipped in baking soda.

The bathroom, perhaps more than most rooms in the house, can become very grubby in concerns and along edges. What can you do about those stubborn or longstanding stains on the bath, sink and shower? Just call professional cleaners Camden Town.

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