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Moving out is not something that happens very often in life. It is pretty exciting to know you are going to change your current premise especially when moving out for first time. It tests your ability to make it on your own and symbolizes your sense of growing up.

There are several opportunities for you when planning to move out. Most probably your first place will be on rent so we will begin there. You have two choices to pay your rent – month to month or sign a rental contract. The first way gives you the chance to move out whenever you want, but it also means that your place is not secured and you could be kicked out by the landlord whenever he wants. The second way is to sign an agreement with the landlord for a period of time you intend to stay in his property, normally this time is one year. The advantage of the contract is that you could receive some kind of discount on the rent, but if you decide to leave the property before the contract has expired then you most probably will have to pay a compensation for not fulfilling your contractual promise. Make sure you really plan to stay for the rent period when signing a contract. Whenever you rent a property, there will always be a rent deposit required which will depends on:

  1. Your credit score
  2. The amount of the rent
  3. Are you signing a rental agreement or renting month-to-month?

Usually, the deposit is equal to rent of first month. There could be an extra clause that obliged you to pay an extra deposit for pets if you have any. Performing end of tenancy cleaning is another clause that could be included within the contract. The landlord may require from you to hire a professional cleaning company(fro example, Enfield cleaner) when you leave his property at the end of tenancy period. A cleaning company such as cleaner Enfield might be needed to guarantee that the property is as clean as it was before you moved in. This could be one of the contract’s terms to receive your deposit back from the landlord. Remember to find out exactly what will be required before you sign any kind of agreement with the landlord.

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