Move in Superstitions

Many people get quite superstitious when talking about moving into a new apartment or house. The most widely spread belief is that it has to be done when the moon is full.   And it should be a Saturday night when you first sleep in there.

Another very popular belief is that you have to invite guests over before you move in and they should sleep in there before you do. Well, this one actually is very unlikely to be done as hardly anyone leaves his/her guests all alone in the new property. It’s a good sign , however , if those guests throw some coins on the floor when they enter , which is regarded as a wish for  welfare. But it should be the woman who  picks them up after 40 days, as women are considered  to be better at dealing with the financial side of the household.

What should not be done, on the other side is to bring flowers in a pot during the  first month of your stay. You should not bring a broom and a mop with you as well. The last one actually suggests   that you should not clean when you move in which is quite strange as everyone wants to  move in a sparkling new home.  Maybe this superstition suggests that  move in cleaning  should be done before that . And if you don’t bring that cleaning equipment with you that really suggests that an excellent floor cleaning should be done beforehand as well.

Do not remove the cobwebs when you do the move in cleaning , however, as spiders bring good luck and are a sign that good friend will come over for a visit in your new home.

In fact, all these are simply broadly accepted superstitions. The most important thing that will guarantee you a happy life in your new place is a good partner or roommate, this is the real key to spend good times in your new house . As we know  it’s not the place but the people that make us happy .

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