Motorola Developing Android Alternative?

In a move that would signal to insiders that Motorola might be making a statement of no confidence in their Android customers, the rumor mill is rife with stories that Motorola is developing and building a competing HTML based mobile platform.Since they are the main chipset provider for Android, this is a rather aggressive move, which most certainly if successful, would position Motorola closer to the front of the pack in the race to develop the next-gen handheld operating system. Even more ambitious and possibly revolutionary would be basing that system on html. Although the story still remains in rumor mill territory, it is interesting to note that Motorola acquired 280North, a startup web technology company that focused on building html based web-apps for the desktop. Previous encounters with tablet tech led to disappointing results with both Webtop and Honeycomb, so it is possible that they are still smarting from the consumer defeat of those two platforms, and wish to make inroads back into the mobile market with a more robust, scalable system that is more natively integrated into the web and associated systems.

Insiders note that it would be unlikely that Motorola would dismiss their largest customer in the hand set niche, but more likely they were seeking to develop companion systems to complement mobile units at a more core fundamental level. Motorola has long sought to explore new pathways to differentiate itself from the rest of the mobile market, so this would seem a logical next step; to integrate a first level system that all platforms could benefit from. Bloggers sailing their opinions into cyberspace from sites run on cheap web hosting would simply have to wait on word to see whether this was simply a rumor or not. But regardless of the success or failure of Motorola will not have any impact on cheap webhosting, just the content providers for handsets.

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