Mogadishu The Financial Center Of Somalia

Now the talk turns to Mogadishu, a city that has reminded me of many beautiful memories of my childhood. No, I haven’t been to that city ever. It is just that when I was younger there was a project of history in which we had to learn the names of capital cities and I always slurred when saying the name of Mogadishu and every one used to laugh me it sounded so hilarious. Any way the talk is about the city and not my personal experiences and so to say this city is the capital city of Somalia, a country of Africa. And even without checking the information I can tell you it is the largest city of Somalia as follows tradition. Yes, look I was right. You can check your encyclopedia if you don’t believe me. This city has been a very important port for many centuries that have passed. The city had been taken over by rebel forces in the early 1900’s and this caused the time President of the country to escape away to the country of Kenya.

There are a lot of religious fanatical groups present in the city too; one of the most powerful groups is the militants group by the name of “Al-Shabaab”. The group attacked on a massive scale in the year 2010 but the government troops were able to take control of the situation and ward off the militants to their bases and arrest some as well. Mogadishu is basically a financial center of Somalia as serving as the commercial center of the country. Cotton ginning industry has a very large scale over here. Due to the terrorist activities and the civil unrest, all the major businesses, hotels and every public place has a necessary security force to protect it from any kind of invasion. Telecommunication is also one of the leading industries in the country with holding the Hormuud Telecom center in the capital city of Mogadishu. Despite the social conditions and unrest in the country, it houses some of the best educational institutes of the region.

Mogadishu University is a nongovernmental institute and served education even during the time of upheaval. There are seven faculties in the university. It is funded by Islamic bank of Saudi Arabia and provides education to young Somali graduates most of whom can continue their master’s degree abroad due to the scholarship program of the University. It is esteemed as one of the 1oo best universities in Africa despite of the unrest and political upheaval in the country. That is indeed a big achievement of intellectuals running the university even in bad times. There are few more universities and colleges in the city. Few of them were closed due to damage in the war. There are number of news agencies broadcasting through radio and television. Despite pressure and harassment by militants of war, reporters continued to serve their nation with latest news through Mogadishu radio and Somali National Television. Mogadishu also houses a football stadium and football teams from Somalia League.

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