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Communicating these days looks more important than ever before. Today the most expensive good is the information. This is why so many people try to be well informed and to know everything just on time. Knowing more allows you to react faster and therefore more accurate, which today means more money.

So, how can we still know all the information we want and need but with that to be able to make cheap calls to our friends and make international calls and have more. The answer can be found in one of the latest upgrades of the latest iPhone. A company from America invented a special plastic muscle, which can react to the things that happen on the screen and this way to make the experience as close to the reality as possible. The muscle should be integrated in the phone and after that if you play a game with a ball you will feel the ball rolling, you also feel the phone kicking if something like a ball for example appear on the screen etc. All this allows you to have more realistic fun with your phone. On top of that, thanks to the latest technologies like VoIP, you can be able to communicate cheap with all your friends no matter where they are. This technologies allows you to make cheap international calls only using your mobile phone.

So, today you can make cheap calls, you can have fun and can work and all that only from your smart mobile phone. Considering all the capabilities the modern technologies have we can realise how developed and sophisticated our present world is.

Other interesting news talk about the latest from Samsung and Intel. Both companies want to cooperate in order to create mobile software which to be able to compete with Google’s android. The biggest smart phone manufacturer in the world – Samsung wants to create its own software and this way take bigger part of the mobile market.

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