Meditation Through Cleaning

    The ability to practice the art of meditation through cleaning is an incredibly useful skill, especially if you are employed as a full time cleaner, but even if you aren’t it is something that we should all practice as it is a transferable skill. The key is entirely focus your attention on the job at hand however menial the task might be. Be completely aware of what you are doing. Pay full attention to your senses and watch your breathing closely. As soon as you realise that your mind has begun to drift, bring it back to the now and focus on the present. You might be able to do the cleaning with little to no attention, but the very fact that it is such a mindless task means that if you can focus on it completely you can free your consciousness of the distraction of thoughts and just be.
If you are hoovering, be the hoover; if you are scrubbing, be the scrubber; if you are polishing, be the polish. By realizing that your mind and body are also tools to be used in the same regard as the cleaning equipment, you will be able to begin to witness your own thought processes and so detach yourself from them. Once you have begun to be able to do this you will realise that your true being resides beyond your mind and your body and is in fact connected to a global group consciousness. Once you are aware of this fact you will feel an incredible sense of release, and you will be care free.
If you are practicing this meditation through cleaning London is an ideal place to do it because you are living amongst nine million people so the group consciousness is particularly potent. This is why London cleaners have an opportunity to tap into a state of being that is uniquely glorious.

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