Manik Bandopadhyay

Manik Bandopadhyay was not the real name of the famous Indian novelist. It was Prabodh Kumar Bandhopaddhay, but the first time he sent his story to an editor he used the pen name “Manik” that was born by his family members, meaning “jewel” in Bengali.

Manik’s lifetime contribution to literature is huge for the early age he left the world. At 48 he has already written 42 novels and around two hundred short stories a very prolific author one could say. However he had a relatively lonely life, the burden of which was further increased by his extreme poverty and illness (he suffered from epilepsy). A great trauma in his life resulted from the unfortunate death of his mother when he was sixteen. This period of his life permanently affected his family relations and even though that he still had a father and thirteen siblings he became rather distant in his contacts with them.

On account of his studies Manik was very successful student an evidence of which was his immediate admission to the exceptional Presidency College, Calcutta. However his desire to obtain a Bachelor degree in Mathematics was never realized for his financial state did not allow it.

Manik supported himself through his writing. The characters in his stories were mainly village people, and even though his style was more or less simple, the ideas he expressed were very deep and existential. He focused more on the dark aspects of people’s psychology.

Probably his most celebrated novel was Putul Nacher Etikatha, meaning The Tale of the Puppet Dance, which was published in several editions and was further used for the scrip of a movie. According to the words of the author himself the book represented a rejection of one’s predisposition to play with human lives as he pleases.

Numerous were the magazines that published his works, some of them include Bichitra, Bangasree, Purbasha, Ananda Bazaar Patrika and others.

Interesting to be noted is the fact that forty years after the death of the great author was published a book upon the demand of the West Bengal Government, which celebrated his contribution to Bengali literature.

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