Make Your Home Germ-Proof

There are few things you have to know, when the end of the week comes close. Besides the desired weekend, far from all work issues, you have to find them and get the house cleaned. This is what the weekly schedule, hanged above the refrigerators should be reminding you of. And that is that. You can’t afford to live in filthy place, right, you just got to do it. Many people have found escape from all that, though. It’s called professional services, speaking of which house cleaning Melbourne offers, is what you probably need too.

It is important not only to get the place well cleaned up, but disinfected, as well. As you probably heard before, the killing of germs is a complex process, that consists from two things – cleaning and disinfecting. So, right here we are going to stress on that second part – disinfecting. Here are the basic tools you are going to need in order to make your home fort of cleanliness. The alternatives here are as it follows: disinfecting spray, isopropyl alcohol, bleach, dishwasher. Respectively the areas you need to stress on are: doorknobs and touch points, germy lines and couch pillows, dishes, cutlery.

  • Doorknobs and touch points are the areas in the house that everybody touches. Bacteria can live on such places till 48 hours after contact. Other things, that are touched by everyone in the family include remote controls, light switches, phones. Here a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol would do great.
  • The linens on the bed and the pillows, as well, is good to be washed periodically in hot water. Wash your hands after, because bacteria may have left on them.
  • As we said you need to make sure the dishes and all the cutlery are well disinfected. For that, you will need to use extra hot water and a little bit more liquid soap. That would do the trick.

In order to prevent any bacteria spread at home you need to undertake some serious actions. Such as not only cleaning, but disinfecting certain areas as well. Face it, you can’t clean everyday, but the door handle is already covered with germs, the second you come from work and open the door. Therefore, there are disinfectants that once applied, build invisible shield, which repels bacteria for certain period of time.

For thorough home cleaning, you can use professional help, I’m sure you are aware of that. Such services are widely used and grow more popular. Just look at that, those kind of services get close focused, in order to reach more needs of more people. Spring cleaning, carpet cleaning, end of lease cleaning Melbourne is one place, where a lot of services are offered.

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