Make Some Calls In Order to Secure the Vacation

In the summer season we all try to find the best place for us and for our families to go to. A summer holiday is what the kids are dreaming for, and what we need after several months of hard work. However, all this means that we should find a country, a resort, hotel, make the reservations and so on. All this needs us to be well organised, focused and well informed. Unfortunately, sometimes the websites of the travel agencies and the hotels are not pretty accurate, so you have to make some calls in order to secure everything.

This is exactly what I did. I decided to call Croatia and ask about my reservation in the hotel. I was shocked when they told me that such a reservations was not made and my name is not in their lists. This made me very angry but I didn’t want to make scandals, so I asked the girl on the other side about any free rooms. Fortunately, she said that they have a free apartment exactly when I was about to visit them and there is no problem for me to hire it. On top of that, because of all the problems and the nerves that they caused me, they offered to make a small discount of the bill. So, I ended up with just the vacation I had planned and on top of that it was 10% cheaper. This meant that I had 10% more money to spend. So, I took my family to a small travel.

However, when we came back to the hotel, the kids decided that they need to call their grandmother and tell her where they were this day and what they saw. So, I called to my mother and gave the phone to the kids. They talked very much, they wanted to explain every little detail of the vacation, all their wonderful moments. Fortunately, I was using the same technology like the time when I’ve decided to make cheap calls to Croatia and therefore I wasn’t about to pay much.

When I came back home, I realised that this was maybe one of the best summer holidays I have ever had. It was wonderful.

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